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Yesterday, we went and wandered around the Flea Market for awhile in the afternoon. There was some reading and some napping. There was an experiment for dinner: homemade chicken apple sausage. It wasn't bad, but definitely bears more experimenting. I got bitten by the sewing bug. We watched a couple episodes of the Dukes of Hazard. I got some knitting done.

Today, there was some Scrabble, more sewing, more knitting. supremegoddess1 stopped by to say hi, since she was in Raleigh. We went to a cookout at Amber's for a bit, using up some leftovers from the beach trip this week. It was fun, the burgers were really good, and it was good to see people. We came home and watched the debate prep and debate episodes of West Wing from Season 4. Oh, for a president like Bartlett...

It's been alltogether a lovely weekend.
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