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May books

I've been getting a lot of reading done, since I get to get paid to read at work. However, the books at the gym have to be short attention span books, since I'm getting interupted often. Hence, I finished lots of short books last month. I've killed another three since the first and I'm almost done with an audiobook. Whee.

25. So Many Books, So Little Time / Sara Nelson (5/3; non-fiction)
26. The white league : a novel / Thomas Zigal (5/7; fiction)
27. Borderlines / Archer Mayor (5/10; fiction)
28. The deep blue good-by / John D. MacDonald (5/14; fiction)
29. A study in scarlet / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/17; fiction)
30. Deja dead / Kathleen Reichs (5/22; fiction)
31. Nightmare in pink / John D. MacDonald (5/23; fiction)
32. The sign of four / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/24; fiction)
33. The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe / C.S. Lewis (5/25; fiction)
34. The inimitable Jeeves / P. G. Wodehouse (5/27; fiction)-

So Many Books, So Little Time was actually something that Jeff checked out. It's a short little chatty memoir about a year's worth of reading. It was fun but nothing memorable.

The White League was a random pick off the new fiction shelf. It was... okay. It felt like I was reading through molasses, because every noun in the book had at least one adjective tied to it. "The thin, tall man strode through the ornately furnished, brightly lit room, to open the Chinese-patterned, heavy curtains and look out the old-fashioned windows." It was an interesting story to start out with, and had some interesting things to say about race relations in New Orleans, but in the end, the main character came across as an overgrown fratboy slimeball who seems to feel that his only real crime was to get caught. The only really sympathetic charcter is his old maid. I skimmed the last third just to see what happened, which is something that I rarely do. And in the end, there was a satisfying ending, but the book could have gotten there a lot sooner.

Borderlines is just me continuing to work my way through the works of Archer Mayor. Good story, solid mystery, good characters.

There are a couple of my literary tastes that I can solidly blame on my father and grandfather, and my love for John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee novels is one of them. I've decided to start at the beginning and (slowly) work my way in order through the ones I've never read. The deep blue good-by and Nightmare in pink were the first two. You can definitely tell that MacDonald was still getting the feel of his protagonist; also, these first couple of books do not feature Meyer, a lack that makes McGee not read nearly as well. Still, they were very enjoyable, and this is going to be a nice little project.

A study in scarlet and A study in scarlet were the results of a similar desire to read Sherlock Holmes from the beginning. Parts of these books, including horribly racist and classist and sexist attitudes, don't age well. But Holmes is smart and snarky, which makes for a fun combination, and it's interesting to see someone solving crimes in a very different age, with no Internet, cell phones, and other such tools. However, one can OD on Holmes; I'm listening to short stories on audiobook, and listening to Holmes talk about how dumb Watson is, and having Watson agree, does wear a little thin. I think I need to lay off the crack for awhile.

Deja dead is the first of a series of books about a forensic anthropologist who works in Canada and NC. They feature an enourmously likeable and strong woman as the heroine. They're what the Kay Scarpetta books were before Patricia Cornwell veered off into Neverneverland, creating characters who were so far big than life that they weren't at all likeable anymore. (Amazon tells me that Trace is better than Blow Fly was. I'm really not sure I want to slog through 435 pages of book to find out.) I very much enjoyed this; the next one is sitting in my floor.

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe: I only read two or three of these books as a kid - I might have gotten through the Dawn Treader so I'm reading through these. I can kill one during my Wednesday shifts at the gym, so... I'm reading them in order of publication, not chronologically by the order of events in the books.

Ever wonder where the character Jeeves comes from? The inimitable Jeeves was a fun read of nice, snotty British satire, but it could have been half as long and still as good. How long can you read about someone saying "Wow, I'm really stupid, and my man servant is really smart?" I don't think I feel a need to read the 234324 other Jeeves books. It was fun, though.
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