joyce (joyce) wrote,

Beach Report

Saturday, couchpimp and mogley picked me up about 3:30. We made for the Harris Teeter of Doom, picked up tasty beverages, and headed for the coast. A little three hours later, we were at Emerald Island; we spent another twenty minutes going about two miles to actually get to the house. There was shrimp and grits for dinner. About 10:30, we all went down to the ocean to go swimming. Swimming in the ocean at night turns out to be, as Amber said, mad crazy fun, though I'm more blind at night than I am during the day, so the dark ocean and white blobs floating around in it turned out to be a bit disorienting. But it was fun. :) It was interesting to see how the group split themselves between those who were compulsively counting noses, making sure we hadn't lost someone in the ocean, and and those that didn't.

We got back up to the house, and continued getting into various stages of tipsyness. We attempted Apples to Apples, but that didn't work very well. I eventually pulled up a patch of deck and (mostly) went to sleep. I woke up at 4:00 when Amber turned off the porch light, wandered inside, was bequethed with the couch cushions, and slept like a rock on those until 9 or so, when people started waking up. Yesterday was more time in the water, some reading, some laying out and getting some sun, a little napping, more tipsyness, some Fluxx, and finally getting to eat gorski's infamous gumbo. Eventually, our little group packed up, we headed home, they dropped me off, and I was asleep inside of half an hour. Mmmmm, sleep.

Things learned this weekend:

- bkrichar is a god in the kitchen
- Drunk people + ADD + board games = bad, bad mix
- Even if it's SPF45, and even if it says super water resistant, if you go in the ocean, come out, walk up to the house for lunch, then go back and go back into the ocean, you should reapply the sunscreen. Ouch.
- I'm glad I know my limits... I know when I need to go to sleep, when I'm overpeopled and need to wander off for awhile, when I'm done drinking, when I've had enough to eat. Ok, that wasn't a learning objective, but more of a growing appreciation. :)
- ambermae knows some really nice people.

It was a lovely weekend. The travel lust is kicking in hard. Happy birthday, Amber. :)
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