joyce (joyce) wrote,

There's a shelf attached underneath the TA desk here in the computer lab. Every time I stretch, I whack my shins on it, THEN remember the damned shelf. My shins are going to be black and blue by the end of the first summer session, at this rate.

It's also bloody freezing in here this morning. I knew I should have worn long pants, but I didn't feel like and couldn't find my jeans. Whoops.
Tags: work:computerlab

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    it's way the hell to early to have to be awake, let alone functional. though i'd better get used to it, i have 800am classes next semester. i keep…

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    dude. i got an A+ in history. :) none of the rest of the grades are posted yet. still. woot! :)

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    i got back my last stats test today. because of the magic of extra credit, i need a 61 on my final to get an A and an 86 to get an A+. i'm amused. :)

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