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In the category of stupid Joyce tricks, I got to the gym to go swimming this morning. During the semester, the pool is open for rec swim all the time, so I didn't think to check the hours, even though I know that summer around here is different. So I get to the gym, get dressed out, get in the shower, go to the pool... and the pool is closed for classes from 930 to 11, which is the window I had to go in before work today. Gnar.

So I went upstairs and walked for half an hour, but I really wanted to go swimming. Oh well. Normally, I'll be tutoring at 10:00 (and they might be adding another student at 9:00) so I should be able to get in and do my thing before they close the pool for class.

Mondays are going to be long days; I tutor from 10 to 11, and work in the computer lab from 11 to 3 and 4 to 8. If I want to go to the gym, it's got to happen either before or after. However, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays are pretty short, so it works out...
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