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today, we finally made it out to the Sprint store to see what they could do for my poor battered phone. apparently, it's too old for the one [technical mumble jumble] they could do, but they would try the other one, but couldn't guarantee it would work. so they updated something or the other, and told me to call customer care, and it would download something, and it might work. so i did that, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have worked - a call to my sister dropped less than two minutes into it, and attempts to call her back didn't connect, which is what it's been doing. gnar.

because i've been with Sprint more than 18 months, if i sign a two-year contract, they'll give me $150 towards a new phone. that could give me quite a bit of phone. however, i don't want to sign a two year contract with Sprint; if all goes well, we'll be moving to Greensboro next summer, which may very well mean more time spent out at my parents' and sister's places, and Sprint does not work out there. it's not just my phone; when i moved out here and called to change my address, Sprint flat-out told me that they didn't serve that area. which doesn't do me much good.

i've checked out a couple of prepay options, but i sat down and did the math over a couple of old bills, and realized that when i'm actually using my phone and not avoiding calling people because it's just going to drop the call, i use my phone a lot more than i realized, and prepay would be more than i'm paying now. so come the middle of next week or so (Sprint doesn't prorate charges, merph) i'll deal with switching to Verizon. they have good family plans, too.

you'd think that deciding who to have phone service through wouldn't cause so much discussion. maybe if i liked any of my options a little bit better...

the rest of the day has been applying for jobs, reading, thinking about books, knitting. i can't complain. :)
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