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weekend, continued

Hope arrived from her day out with her friends, and shortly thereafter, passed out on our couch. this morning, we played scrabble and i made French toast and sausage for breakfast. the four of us eventually wandered out to Triangle Town, since Faith still needed a swim suit. we wandered around Target and the mall, found her one, got some lunch. we had originally planned to try to make it out to the planeterium this afternoon, but the timing didn't work out, and at least one of our party wasn't up to sitting still in the dark, anyhow. so we got back home and did some more Scrabble. Hope headed home. there was ravioli and salad for supper, Star Trek, Fluxx, and more Scrabble. and now it's about time for our happy little household to get some sleep...

good times. very, very good times. :)
Tags: family:sisters

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