joyce (joyce) wrote,

mostly lovely weekend, so far.

last night, Hope called us around 830, asking if she could come sleep on our couch... she was going somewhere with a friend today, and wanted to break up the drive. of course, says we, so she showed up, we chattered a bit, and she went to sleep, since she had to be up ohgoshearly this morning.

i woke up about the time she was leaving, gave her a hug and kiss and told her to have fun, and went back to sleep. i woke up out of a horrible, horrible nightmare around 8, the kind where you're afraid to go back to sleep. my body wanted more sleep, though, which eventually led to a nap on the couch and eventually getting up around 10.

Faithy showed up this afternoon, to get in a visit before she goes off to work at camp next weekend, since we're not sure when/if she's going to have weekends off. there's been Scrabble, Fluxx, and salad for dinner. she and i wandered out to Target for awhile, to look for a swimsuit for her. we didn't find anything that suited her, but i came home with a pair of fake Birks for $5 on clearance, since my three-year-old fisherman sandals need to be thrown out for falling apart and giving me the throbbing blister of doom a couple weeks ago, and my flip-flops cut up my feet (literally) if i wear them for more than a couple hours.

Hopie is coming back here after her day out and about - she should here within the hour, actually. so it's been a decent weekend, and there's a whole other day of it...
Tags: family:sisters

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