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i'm a visual person; anyone who's ever tried to give me directions without letting me write the damn things down can tell you that. things have to be written down for me to remember them. in class, too, it's got to be visual - i write down pretty much every word that comes out of the teacher's mouth, figuring it's easier to sort out what's important and what's not later. if it's not on the list when we get to the grocery store, it won't make it home. and when i study, i have to have visual aids. this means flashcards. lots and lots of flashcards.

the downside to this, of course, is that i have flash cards all over the house, telling me what physical anthropology is, reminding me what misyar and mutah are (i got a 96 on my Islam final too, with a perfect score on the vocabulary part, thanks to some last minute intervention that was nearly divine in nature that reminded me about the differences between the schools of law). flashcards that tell me what was important about the War of 1812. flashcards that tell me how race is culturally defined. the latest addition to the collection was begun tonight, with the "a" words from the Kaplan GRE review.

the problem with all of these flashcards, of course, is what to do with them after they're done. i feel bad just throwing them away, and i feel silly keeping them. they do recycle nicely into bookmarks, but even with my raging library addiction, i only need so many bookmarks. i plan on developing a filing system for notes and papers from past semesters, so that i can refer back to them without having to 423 binders - though i'm going to need a filing cabinet sooner than later - but do i file the damned flashcards, too?

i'm doing better on the GRE studying, incidentally. the semester of statistics helped with the math, quite a bit. one of my biggest problems right now is that i get bored halfway through a practice test, which does not bode well for being able to focus on the real thing.

i need a good nerd userpic. :)
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