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we went and wandered around B&N for a bit, looking at books, then ran some more essential errands (Whole Foods, the recyling center, the library, Harris Teeter.) the recyling situation was getting scary - we only took half of it today. once we've gotten it beaten back, we're going to try to take the recycling every time we have two or three bags full. considering the recycling center's proximity to the library, we have no excuse for letting it pile up.

we stopped by temp services to pick up my paperwork for work (and i didn't have to fill out taxes forms; i don't know if this was an oversight or if they're using one of the two sets i've already filled out recently for yon other two jobs. i'll have to call them and ask, before time sheets are due.) according to the job sheet, i'm working through Saturday (which is fine, at this point; it's more time on the clock) and they have me assigned to being a Buyback Clerk - meaning i get to be the one telling people that they're getting $5 back for that brand new shining textbook. whoops. :) oh well. i've done enough call center crap and other customer service crap to be able to put up with bitchy students for a few days. and money is money. hopefully they'll give me more work, too.

going into the building where temp services is, i thought i spotted a gwenifyre, but she was sitting down to catch a bus, and i needed to run inside before 5:00, so i couldn't stop and say hi.

Jeff has work on Thursday, finishing up some stuff from his job last week. on top of me getting work this week, that's a nice bonus.
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