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in a sharp contrast from yesterday, it's lovely out there today. if you live around here, get outside at some point. :)

the weekend of sloth is continuing nicely. we dd Waffle House for breakfast (side note: Waffle House changed their menus. they've had the same menus for as long as i can remember. the news one are stripped down and not so busy that you can't read them. it was kind of disconcerting.) on our way to run another errand, we passed the fair grounds. we keep making noises about going to the flea market, so we wandered in. i found the tea vendor. :) her prices are a little higher than i'm used to (insert muttering about Market Spice being 3000 miles away here), but not bad. i showed some restraint and got a couple ounces of Irish Breakfast to try, figuring that was a safe enough choice. i'm drinking a cup now, and it's tasty. she'll get more of my money. :)

we wandered into the Farmer's Market briefly, too, but on top of the Flea Market, we peopled out quickly. we'll try again some day this week when it's not going to be as crowded (and when we're out of strawberries. :) ) we did grab some lettuce and bread for dinner tonight.

now... to read, or to knit? decisions, decisions. :)
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