joyce (joyce) wrote,

it's supposed to be 58 and raining tomorrow. it's may. where's the warmth and sun, dammit?

my Islam exam went fine, though after an hour and fifteen minutes of writing, my arm was about to fall off, and my handwriting was drifting towards unreadable. if/when i ever have to take comps, i really hope i get to type them.

my stats exam (the last one) is at 800 am tomorrow morning. bleh. dear self: calculator, cheat sheets (we get two sheets of paper, front and back. how could anyone fail this test? people will, though), sharpened pencils. caffiene.

one of the books i'm reading right now is really, really good, but really, really slow to read. the protagonist isn't at all a good person (but he's not a bad person either... like a lot of us) and the author describes everything: "The tall man walked into the room, with high ceilings and blue curtains and wide shelves filled with leather covered books, the atmosphere of which was heightened by the warm, wet breeze coming through the ship-style windows, covered in white lace curtains..." it's like reading sweet, syrupy molasses. it's tasty, but slow.
Tags: books, school:exams, weather

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