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i made flashcards for the new Islamic vocabulary (the stuff that wasn't on the mid-term). i just tested myself on them, and i can provide at least some explanation of what each other them are. i need to review for details, but the basics are there. i also need to review the mid-term vocabulary - i might make flashcards for them tomorrow. and i've gotten six of the ten essays written out. i'm pleased.

the saving grace here is that there's a lot of overlap. remembering that mutah is the kind of temporary marriage that only Shi'i do, is helpful, when both Shi'i and mutah are on the list. that's one fact for two words. remembering who Mawdudi was (a man who implemented a horrible cross-breed of the Western practice of precedent with Islamic law, leaving out the natural flexibility and analysis of Islamic law, to disasterous result, in Pakinstan) spills over into the essay question about Islamic political movements that arose in response to the failures of the modern nation-state in the Islamic world. the overlaps make it easier.

i'll stop talking about school eventually; right now, i have all these interesting facts burbling out of my brain and no one to share them with. maybe i need to start making friends in my classes.
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