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a couple of hours ago, the ideas i'd had about my religion and poltics final clicked, and it made a lot more sense. i've got three single-spaced pages written, and i'm about half done, and i haven't put in quotes or cites or cleaned it up yet. he's going to regret not putting a page limit on this. :) it's not that i'm deliberately trying to set out to write it long, and i'll try to edit it so it's as short as possible, but my writing style is chatty at the best of times, and if there's no page limit, i have less incentive to try to edit it down to really tight writing, when i know that he likes my writing well enough as is.

besides, some topics just can't be dealt with in a brief manner.

Jeff's got a few days of work this week - yay - so he's off doing that. it's nice having the house to myself - i don't get that very often. i love having him around, don't get me wrong, but the quiet is nice too.
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