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today: homework, newspaper, reading, brief grocery run, Scrabble (i won, which is a first), laundry, salad for dinner, strawberries for dessert. not a bad day. very, very quiet.

i discovered today that if it takes one half an hour to establish just who and how much one owes large sums of money to, one's student loan paperwork should be in better order. i'm adding that to The List, whee.

like half of the other people on my friends list, i'm in misery right now, with a river of snot running through it. and that's with the drugs. however, i can breathe around the snot, which is an improvement over this time last year. i've been low-level bitching about it fairly constantly. poor Jeff.

i'm currently reading four books about reading books. that's a little bit too meta for me. but the books are good.

i got some good work done on my sociology project and my history essay done today. i might even be able to finish one of them tomorrow. my religion and politics essay, the Beast, is still hanging over my head. i've made a few notes, but nothing is clicking very well. it will soon... hopefully before Thursday.
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