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good day

i got some homework done, eventually, when i was awake enough to think, though that took awhile. i slept like a blessed rock last night. i finally got into the right mood to work on my sociology project, and made some progress on it. i finished a book. we eventually went to the library, since we both had holds that had come in. i got a large pile of books and a series of amused looks from Jeff. :) what can i say... in a week, i'm not going to have school work to read for a couple months. i'm going to have at least one job, hopefully two, this summer, where i can read on the clock. so, lots of books. :)

lately, i've been mentally lamenting the fact that i can't read and knit at the same time - even though i've been doing it for awhile now, i'm still not good enough to knit by feel. so i decided to try the audiobook thing and see how that works. i'm not sure i'll be able to concentrate enough on someone reading at me to get something out of it, but we'll see. i checked out Big Fish, fairly randomly, since i didn't feel like digging through all the titles that they had.

Dwaine and Heather had invited us and Kimber over for food and games, so we went over and ate hamburgers and drank a little rum and played Apples to Apples and Fluxx. it was a good evening. :)
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