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good: i slept much better last night. yay. and i didn't take a nap today.
bad: i'm not sleepy, and i need to be in bed.
bad: my allergies are going crazy today.
good: tomorrow is the last day of classes.
bad: i still don't have work completely nailed down for the summer. i should probably go harass the gym folks tomorrow and see if they've found any hours for me for the summer. and i should know something about the other job by Monday. i need to start harrasing temp agencies, or something.
good: i can juggle money around so that this isn't a huge immediate issue. i keep telling myself to breathe and that it's all going to work out in the next week or so.
good: i've started my history final. and gotten all of my Islam vocab looked up. and started on the essays.
bad: we got our religion and politics final today, due next thursday, and it's... beefy.
good: i started listing the books i don't need to study and i'm not keeping on Amazon. hopefully someone will want them. mmm, money.
amusing: my Islam professor wandering into class today and bellowing out: "Are we ready to rumble?!"
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