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last night, we ended up having Tonya and George over. yay for last minute plans. it was nice to see them; i haven't been all that social lately. we fed them chicken soup and roasted potatoes, and worked on teaching Jeff spades.

yesterday, i wore my beat up old sandals to class. they're finally getting to unwearable, which i didn't realize until i'd left the house. i came down with a large blister on my right heel. it was okay most of the evening... until i went to bed. i managed to doze some from 11 until like, 2, when i woke up completely and realized that my foot was throbbing. =/ i didn't get much sleep after that. i made it up this morning to my job interview (for another parttime job) and to stats, then cut the rest of the day (history, i can get it all from the book, and soc lab, where we were just going to work on our projects. i might've finally yelled at the TA if i'd gone today, and that would have been bad.) i came home and fell face forward into bed for two hours, and i'm feeling mostly human now. i've been (slowly) doing homework this afternoon. i need to proofread a paper for Hopie and get some more studying done. it's really gorgeous out there, and i'd love to go for a walk, but i'm still hobbling. maybe i'll not be hobbling by tomorrow.
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