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this weekend i did a whole lot of nothing, and it felt great. $deity bless dead week. so much for what i said friday: "this weekend is slated to be mostly studying."

Saturday we did the first real grocery shopping trip in a month. oy. 157 dollars in groceries, 18 in coupons, 60 off with our Kroger card. we *heart* the Kroger. the Netflix fairy dropped DVDs in our mailbox, and we watched some Next Gen and some West Wing, and had lazy chicken parmaeson for dinner. i played too much Diablo, and we ended up staying up late reading.

yesterday, i did laundry. the two loads i did barely put a dent into what's there. since i hang stuff up to dry instead of drying it in the dryers, i can only do a couple of loads at a time. the goal is to end up with all of it clean. i'm going to be doing laundry all week. there were enchiladas for dinner, and more Next Gen and West Wing. i sorted out my notebooks and put all my notes back where they should be, so i can study for and write exams this week. we went to the library - both of us now have more books checked out than any two people should. and we spent the leftovers of the day in bed reading.

it was a lovely weekend, so lovely that i don't even mind being up and going to class this morning. i just wish i was more awake.
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