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yesterday, i had the supreme pleasure of going into a test knowing that i damn well knew what i was doing and coming out also knowing that. :)

yesterday afternoon, i got to hang out with rao for a bit, who happened to be on this side of the world. we sat around Cup O Joe, drank iced coffee, and played catch-up before discussing religion, politics, and political parties for awhile. it was good to get to see him.

today, i went to class (we didn't get back our stats tests, meh), had Mexican with Jessie and Daniel, went for a bit of a walk with Jessie, came home, took a nap, did some D2, went back to campus for work training, and came home again. i am very very glad it's friday. we're having pizza for dinner... yay for Gumby's. 16 inch one topping, 7.51 including tax. can't argue with that.

in the mail today, i got my share of the great postcard exchange. woot. :) clockworktomato has scarily neat handwriting.

this weekend is slated to be mostly studying... i had a sociology project to finish, and my Islam professor went ahead and gave us our exam prep, so i should get on that. i hit a weird little pocket of slack, the last couple of days, since it's dead week next week, but i should get back on the stick this weekend. i should clean my share of the office, too, so i can actually find the stuff i need to study, and decide what books i'm selling back, and do the metric assload of laundry i have waiting for me. but tonight, i slack. :)
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