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i've got to learn how to read faster. i thought i read decently fast, but that seems to be only for goofy fiction. my reading schedule for this semester kicked my butt, and it's probably going to get worse in the next couple of years. i need to learn the fine art of skimming and still learning something.

i got something like 5 hours of okay sleep last night and a couple hours of tossing and turning, which made for a fairly useless joyce again today. long gone are the days when i ran on four hours of sleep a night for days on end. (then again, i also literally slept through, for example, psychics physics 208 [and still passed, barely] so maybe i was never as good at getting along on no sleep as i claim.) i didn't got to the gym, since i barely managed to keep myself from passing out during history. i came home... and couldn't get to sleep. dammit. i did finally end up getting to the point where i could sleep (in the middle of a conversation rao (sorry hon)) and passing out on the bed on one of my textbooks for awhile.

i did manage to get some studying done for my statistics test (wednesday) and my sociology test (thursday.) the good thing about the soc test is that two of the major concepts down cold, and so i just need to go back and review questionairre writing and levels of measurement. i worked on my reading summary for thursday (prompting the gnashing of teeth over my reading speed.)

i have one reading summary, two tests, a sociology project, two take-home finals, and two in-class finals between now and may 6. that's not so bad. if i can get some sleep.

i kind of want to talk to Hope, but she's probably out of it by this hour. hey Hopie, if you happen to be awake and happen to see this... :)

oh, we went and saw The Incredibles at Blue Ridge on Friday, and it was as cute as everyone had said it was. tonight for supper, there was salad and mashed potatos and chicken pesto sausage, and Voyager. this weekend was a mess of errands, reading, West Wing and Star Trek, some drinking, and homework. other than being tired and feeling a little frazzled, life's pretty good.
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