joyce (joyce) wrote,

i've managed to mostly be a waste of protoplasm today. we were up way later than normal (i'm usually in bed by 11, no later than 12, even on the weekends, but didn't crash last night til after 1, and Jeff was up way past that) so we slept really late and i've been feeling even lazier than normal today. we made it out to the grocery store and the library, and i finished Rosemary's Baby, and that's about it. i keep picking up and putting down homework, which probably means i should just give up on it for a bit.

i finally checked Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell; i hadn't been brave enough to tackle its 800 pages until now. maybe if i can get through it, i'll be brave enough to try to tackle Cryptonomicon again.
Tags: books, sleep:bad

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