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the paper of doom is revised, double-checked, printed out, and ready to turn in tomorrow.
my reading summary due in Islam tomorrow has been done and printed out for days.
my reading summary due in religion and politics thursday is just done and printed out.
my stats homework due friday is done.


the only thing left for this week is my sociology project due thursday. part of that is done already, but i realized the other day (when i was bitching about SPSS) that my numbers were wrong. how the hell i fucked them up, i don't know, but i did. so tomorrow afternoon, i will settle down in the computer lab and spend awhile making sweet love to SPSS and hopefully making everything come out correct this time (we can run SPSS remotely, but it's slower and uglier than hell) and get that done and printed out, and then i can spend the rest of the week and weekend getting the rest of the year's readings done and studying my ass off for next week's sociology test (this one is all short answer. for the record, i love short answer tests, since it means i don't have to do the "well, that answer sounds right, but so that does that one" game, but it does mean that you do have to know the stuff.)

i feel pretty accomplished. :)

i owe people email. i will get to that.

i'm annoyed... i've been tiredish all day, and even gave up and took a nap this afternoon. now that's 11:00 and i should be getting to bed soon? wide fucking awake and energetic. why....
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