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i have 15 days of classes left. i'm not quite sure how that happened.

class was class. i came, took a nice little nap (dear body: please to be adjusting to DST, dammit. love, me) and poked at some homework. we headed out to Blue Ridge to see Ray, which was really good. really hard to watch, in some places (because who likes to see someone doing horrible things to themselves and those around them), but touching and ultimately happy. i didn't know anything at all about Ray Charles before we went to see it (besides the obvious stuff). we enjoyed it.

afterwards, we had some errands to run, but it was pissing rain, and the vote was unanimous that they could wait until tomorrow. we hit Wendy's for fries and came home. dinner was ravioli and a couple of episodes of Voyager. and that's been the day. :)

the goal for tomorrow is writing that research paper. i realized i'm having the same problem i was with my history essay and the last paper for this class - i've been making it too big and complicated in my head. it's only seven to ten pages, double spaced - i've written more than that in a weekly reading summary. the good part is, i should be able to rip out a lot of what i've already written and put it back together. i've got to be able to stop thinking of every paper like it was a bloody thesis or something. this is a new problem, and i don't quite know what's brought it on. nerves about my grades, most likely, even though i know i'm doing fine. when i was going community college classes and knew the grades weren't going to transfer, i didn't feel quite so stressed about my grades. i still wanted to do well, but.

in knitting content, i finished a seat back cover for Jeff. it turned out really well. i'm officially in love with, of all things, Red Heart Super Saver in Fleck. not all Red Heart sucks, apparently. it also has a really nice drape in moss stitch on size 9 needles. it's a good thing i like the yarn, since i have 3.5 more skeins of it to use for... something.
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