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it was, in fact, eighty-some-odd degrees today. i wore my favorite dress and sandals and loved it.

i actually managed to get done the reading summary from hell done today. wheee.

i'm having problems getting any traction whatsoever under my religion and politics paper. i don't know why. i picked the topic (the topic was to pick something we hadn't covered during the semester that we thought he should include next time, and write about it.) i'm interested in the topic. i can babble endlessly about the topic. so why the heck am i having so many problems actually writing the damned paper? it's due tuesday, so i'm running out of slack. i opted to read Quranic interpretation this afternoon over working over this paper, which is just desperation; my brain locks up at most scripture in the first place - it's kind of the same reaction i have to really dense philosophy or Shakespeare.

i owe people questions and answers. it'll be tonight or tomorrow, depending on how much more procrastination i'm able to justify.
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