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10. Storm track / Margaret Maron (3/4; fiction)
11. The Jane Austen book club / Karen Joy Fowler (3/6; fiction)
12. Uncommon clay / Margaret Maron (3/14; fiction)
13. Loaded dice : a Tony Valentine novel / James Swain (3/20; fiction)
14. Survivor in death / J.D. Robb (3/23; fiction)
15. A fish caught in time : the search for the coelacanth / Samantha Weinberg (3/29; non-fiction)

can i say enough good things about Margaret Maron? nope, probably not. if you like your mysteries Southern-fried, get thee to the nearest library. they're incredibly readable, a lot of fun, and fluffy but not too much so.

The Jane Austen Book Club was dryish, but i enjoyed it. i think i would have enjoyed it more if i'd ever read any Jane Austen whatsoever. (i successfully avoided Brit Lit in high school, instead taking pre-1500 Asian literature and history. Asian was well worth taking, but i find myself lacking in a section of literature that most people i consider smart and educated seem to have had at least a bit of. maybe i'll work on rectifying that this summer...)

i read Survivor in death in two days. Jeff's comment was "wow. did you taste that on the way down?" why yes, i did, and it was yummy. :)

A fish caught in time filled my non-fiction "requirement" for the month (one new year's resolution was to read at least one non-fiction book a month). it was... eh. not as interesting as the cover made it look. i was hoping for some history of evolutionary science - since the coelacanth is apprarently one of the contenders for the fish who grew legs and made it onto land, thus ensuring that we all don't have gills - and some adventure. that wasn't really what i got.

April is not going to be a month for pleasure reading. April is not going to be a month for a whole lot, at this rate. which reminds me, i have homework i should be doing. i think my motivation went south for the summer.
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