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like a lot of folks, i was tired and sore and crankyish today. i don't remember the time change fucking me up this badly last year. it probably doesn't help that i've just not been sleeping all that well lately, either. murf.

despite that, we went and saw Blade Trinity this afternoon. there's something to be said for movies at Blue Ridge in the middle of the afternoon - there were something like three other people in the theater with us. the movie was a lot better than i expected for the third in an action trilogy. it was a lot more fun and... human? than the other two. there was also some very nice eye candy, a lot of fun-if-totally-fake martial arts, and some cheesy special effects. it was a good use of $3 and two hours. :)

when we got home, we wandered out for a short walk. then i finally hauled my slack ass down to the laundry room to throw my Sophie bag in a washer and felt it. it's drying now. i really like it, and it came out bigger than i expected. i think it might need a little more hand-felting, but we'll see how it turns out after it's good and dry.
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