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this morning was puttering around, eggs and bacon for breakfast and Scrabble and knitting for entertainment. Hope had some errands to run, so the three of us wandered out to the mall. (Black pepper chicken for lunch, num.) mall-prowling with Hope is fun. i finally got my mom's Christmas present (she got a picnic basket, which is hard to find in December) (which, shoot, i forgot to pull out of Hope's trunk and wrap.) we stopped at Kroger for this and that - chicken was on sale, which was the main point of the trip; we go through a lot of chicken and we were completely out.

Jeff and i want to go see Blade 3 at Blue Ridge, but i think we're going to do it tomorrow; neither of us is up to going back out and dealing with people and the weather. so the rest of the evening looks like pjs, some homework, and some Next Gen. i'm going to finish my sociology project - almost done already, go me - and see how much of a ten page paper on the legal history of neo-Paganism in the United States i can crank out tonight...
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