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Fridays are no-stress days. i almost never have anything due, since i only have stats and history on Fridays. history takes up homework on mondays, and we haven't even had reading summaries for the last couple of weeks in history ("please, do them for yourselves, but i am way too backed up on grading, so no more for me right now"). sometimes we have stats homework due on Fridays, but that's about it, and i'm done with that way before it's due.

today was a good day. i did the class thing. gorski came over briefly and filled out my last survey for sociolgoy for me. i got a little straightening up done. my sister got here. we chased over to campus to ask the education people questions about class schedules for her, and she fed me taco bell for lunch. we got some homework done, since that was why she came down - to get computer help with homework - and made some dinner, and she kicked our asses at Settlers. dinner was a really good orange chicken that i'll post tomorrow. i won at Scrabble.

it's been a good day. sleepy joyce.
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