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we didn't do a whole lot today... a couple of errands, the library, the bank. there was some homework and some reading and some knitting. supremegoddess1 and her girlfriend came up for dinner. we did lasagne and crescent rolls, and they brought up a bottle of wine. activities were Fluxx and Settlers and a milkshake run and talking politics. it was nice to see them, and a very good evening.

however, now i'm sleepy enough that typing is getting to be an effort...
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    it's way the hell to early to have to be awake, let alone functional. though i'd better get used to it, i have 800am classes next semester. i keep…

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    dude. i got an A+ in history. :) none of the rest of the grades are posted yet. still. woot! :)

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    i got back my last stats test today. because of the magic of extra credit, i need a 61 on my final to get an A and an 86 to get an A+. i'm amused. :)

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