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1. we gave this teriyaki sauce a second run tonight, and it's still damned good. i am pleased. no more jarred teriyaki for us. :) the next time we find ourselves in the Asian grocery store, i want to get orange seasame oil to try, and see how that turns out.

2. Jeff got a rice maker from one of my cousins this Christmas in our present exchange (side note: are we the only folks who call it a Pollyana, when you draw names and each person gets one present? i tend to get odd looks when i call it that.) i have to confess, i was a little skeptical - who needs an appliance just to make rice? - and we haven't been making that much rice since Christmas, so tonight was the first night i'd hauled it out to try it. i added rice, added water, turned the damned thing on, and 40 minutes later, we had perfect rice, with one less pot on the stove and none of the having to fish out the rice and test it to see if it was done business. yea verily, i am pleased, and converted.
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