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along with the reading by Mr. LaHaye (that i haven't gotten to yet, ugh), i've got another reading about a woman in West Virgina in the 1970s who didn't want sex ed in her school system, so she ran for school board and won (which, well, good for her. i might disagree with her stance, but at least she did something.) she then moved on to textbooks. she compiled a list of textbooks that were being considered for adoption in the school system that she objected to, and started in on the process of getting them banned. concerning the meetings about the books, "Moore insists that she hoped the matter could be handled quietly - 'I knew that as soon as I started raising objections, I was going to be hit with accusations of book burning, of Nazism, so I didn't want anybody to know what I was doing.' "

gee, ya think?
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