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yesterday: did homework, watched some teevee (which is a novel experience), ate some lomein for dinner. yon sisters and i went out and wandered around Old Navy and B&N and got some ice cream from Cold Stone before coming home and having Hope beat us badly at Settlers. it was a nice night. :) i'm getting spoiled - i whined when i lived 3000 miles from my sisters that it wasn't close enough, and now that i'm an hour and fifteen minutes away, it's not close enough most of the time, either.

today was more homework, and an attempt at a nap. we had pancakes and apples for breakfast. Faith and i had been debating on whether we were going to come back to Raleigh today or tomorrow and ended up deciding today, and beat it out of home about 3 to try to beat traffic coming into RTP. which we suceeded in, but we apparently didn't communicate that we were leaving today to people as well as we thought we did. whoops. =/ that seems to be better, though. i hope. the scheduling gods have not been very cooperative with us lately; two of us manage to have vacation when the third doesn't. hrmph.

this evening has been making quesidillas for dinner, and messing with Faith's computer. i think they're about done with that, so we're going to go do some Settlers soon. tomorrow, i need to make with the homework.

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