joyce (joyce) wrote,

the trip home was uneventful. the train ended up being an hour late, but it was only listed at 25 minutes late when we left the house, so we went ahead and got me there on time, since 25 minutes late on amtrak can end up being 10 minutes early. not today, though. :) that's all right, though. i sat around and read and mildly wished that the station had wireless.

Hope picked me up, and we got to my parents' house. there was taco soup for dinner and Settlers after, and now Faith and i are playing with our laptops and obstensibly watching CSI.

this whole broadband at the parents' is still weird. nice, but weird. i discovered that it's much easier to get the wireless to work when you use the right WEP key. =p

life is good. sleepy, but good.
Tags: family

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