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one of the things i'm trying to do this week is get a lot of things frozen up for lunches, so i have less temptation to succumb to the fast food monster. my dear Jeff got me a stainless steel Thermos food jar for my birthday (there is a hell of a lot of romance to be found in presents that are something the recepient needs and is going to use) so i can take just about whatever i want for lunch without having to worry about refrigeration or finding a microwave. so i made a big old batch of French onion soup the other day, and then, i stumbled across a recipe for Sweet Potato and Tomatillo Soup. it sounded like a vaguely odd combination, but i like sweet potatoes and have some lying around (my dad gave us a sack full last fall that we're still working on; yay for parents with gardens) and vaguely remembered liking tomatillos the couple of times i've had them, so...

it's ambrosial. i just finished cooking it and had a small bowl - the rest is cooling off to be frozen - and it's really, really good. really good.

next time, i'll probably just use canned tomatillos, because roasting them was really a pain. if i do get fresh ones and roast them again, i need to remember to get bigger ones, as the smaller ones just collapsed. i had the same problem with the tomatos - i got grape tomatoes instead of cherry, since i wanted the rest of the pack for other things, and they were awfully small. i used too much olive oil in the roasting pan, too, so some of the smaller ones burnt too much to use. i'll probably just use one large tomato next time. other than those notes, the recipe was really easy to fix. this is definitely a make again.

also on tap for this week is a millet salad, though that's not going to freeze very well, so it'll be for immediate eating. i need to decide what's up next for freezer food... :)
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