joyce (joyce) wrote,

made it up in the morning to call home. went back
to bed. didn't set the alarm right and was half an hour "late" to work (heh. there's no real such thing as late on Sunday, as long as you're there by 11, which is when we start delivering... during
the week, we're supposed to get there an hour ahead of time to start prep and to take delay orders and stuff...). so i rolled in at 10:30. it was dead, as it always is on Sunday around here - doubly so with mom's day - and my boss let me off at quarter of 6, yay =) 60 hours for the week... came home, did two miles, cooked some dinner - garlic fetticine from a box stuff with tuna thrown in (mmm protein) and soon i'll watch xfiles, then figure out what to do with myself for the rest of the night... clean my room and run laundry, prolly...

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