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the lack of structure this week is making me lazy (not that it takes much, heh). i've mentioned previously my issues with studying vs. homework, and most of my teachers have cancelled standing assignments or given easier assignments because of midterms. even history slacked up, and we don't have a midterm in there. so while i need to study for the two big bad ugly midterms thursday... yea, laziness. at least i got most of the sociology project done last night after i was done fussing about it, and i'm going to go finish it up in just a minute.

we have spring break next week, then a week and a half of classes, and then more time off for Easter our state sanctioned spring holiday, then another week of march, then april, then we're done. the semester is half over, and i don't know where it's gone. i should get off my butt and start looking for a summer job.
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