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i had a school/West Wing crossover dream last night. the town of Qom (that we've been studying in Islam class, it's in Iran and a center of Islamic learning) had been magically transplanted to Ireland and we and the West Wing folks had to get some hostages out (we'd just watched two episodes that involved a hostage situation.) my dreams have been getting down right weird lately, and really need to make with the being normal again.

Dwaine and Heather came over for a couple hours of Fluxx, which was great fun. i should finish up my sociology project, or at least my first pass at it, but motivation is lacking... the instructor changed the due date Wednesday to a peer review date, but won't tell us if the actual due date is going to be Thursday, Friday, or after spring break. =p it's basically a retred of our first project, so it's a lot of cutting and pasting.
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