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the only problem with going to the gym in the middle of a rainy day is that one will trip over the 2342342 PE100 students whose teachers are having them fill up the exercise rooms and track, since it's raining and they can't take them outside. meh.

i'm feeling much better today than i have in awhile. i think i might even get through this afternoon without a nap. and i did yesterday too. woot. :) maybe i've just been low grade sick for the last couple weeks, and that's why i've been feeling crappy.

we went to the library. i'm being very optimistic about what i can read next week, with it being spring break and all. we'll see. mmm, books. :)

which reminds me, i need to decide exactly when i'm going home next week and get a train ticket.

registration is in two weeks. would it pain reg and records that much to get the flipping TRACs book up? :)

but right now, i really should get back to writing essays for my Islam mid-term.
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