joyce (joyce) wrote,

10 things i've done that you probably haven't...

i don't usually do these things, but this one is amusing...

10. sung the star spangled banner on Red Square on July 4th.
9. lost a flip-flop in a Russian river. (is it cheating to pick two from the same trip? oh well. :) )
8. been in an LDR, moved across the country to where the other half of said LDR was... and immediately gotten into an LDR with someone in the place from which i moved. (actually, some of the poly folks on my list might be able to shoot this one down.)
7. taken Astrophysics in high school from a gentleman who also taught at Duke and chastised us for not being as smart as the Duke folks. (actually, nolly, did you take Astro?)
6. spent the night in an underground cavern.
5. lived with an ex of mine and his fiance. (then, a few years later, lived with an ex and his wife.)
4. had to serve as half an easel while working as stage crew, and gotten painted on in the process.
3. been payed to play video games while taking phone calls in a call center.
2. slept through the night while a series of tornadoes tore up the Girl Scout camp i was at, and then a few years later, slept through a tornado while it landed two streets from my house, tearing up my subdivision (our house, thankfully, was fine.)
1. played a narcoleptic halfling in a D&D campaign.

heh. it was hard to come up with ten. it's not been a boring life, but people who read this were around for a lot of the interesting stuff...
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