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i really need to quit assuming that those around me are basically ... thinking? people.

i'm crossing the road to meet up with Jeff at the store, and the folks turning right at the light are all ignoring the fact that i have the pedestrian signal and just charging ahead. the chick the turns right before i make it through the intersection even made faces at me for daring to cross the road (to be fair, i was probably making the please don't hit me face too.) so i bitch at my fellow pedestrian who was standing on the corner, waiting for the next night, about drivers who don't pay attention to the pedestrians who have the walk signal and make faces at them.

and what does she say? well, you know, so many of these drivers, they don't know the law because someone had to read the driving test to them in their own language so they could get a driver's license.

i blinked at her, and gaped a bit that anyone would have the balls to say such a thing to anyone, let alone a complete stranger. i should have said something, but... gah. what do you say to someone like that, without sounding stupid yourself? my first instinct is something like you're a bloody moron and that's not any better.

so i ignored it and walked faster than her and went on to the store and met up with Jeff.
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