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quiet day. errands this morning - recycling and the library, with a quick trip into Harris Teeter for lettuce so i could have salad for lunch (my body was sitting up and saying "yo! bitch! when's the last time you ate something green, eh?") we actually made it out of HT with the one and only one item that we went in for, which pleased me greatly.

there were Girl Scouts outside selling cookies, and they were Brownies, which means they were the teeny little cute girls. i hated saying no to them - i was one of those girls for most of my childhood - but Girl Scout cookies fit neither my waistline nor my budget right now. ohwell.

afternoon was homework, Settlers, a nap - in other words, yon standard issue weekend day. we did homemade pizza for dinner, with crescent rolls for the crust, and it was fabulous, rich and horribly decadent.

after dinner, we went over to the campus cinema and saw Control Room. it was a pretty typical campus cinema exerience, even though i hadn't been there in six years. they started early and showed the first five minutes or so of the movie, realized they'd started early, stopped it, and waited until start time, then started again, without starting from the beginning for the benefit of the folks who hadn't been there early. :)

the movie felt like a lot longer than its 84 minutes, but in a good way. one of the most telling moments, i think, is when Al Jazeera was chided by the American government for being too biased for the Arabs and Iraqis, and then was charged with being too pro-American from the other side.

there was a lot of movie to process. it's definitely something that ought to be watched; i don't know if it's on DVD yet.

i should go read some more about Iran for class, but i'm pretty sleepy, so if i'm going to get anything out of it, it should probably wait until tomorrow.
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