joyce (joyce) wrote,

i still feel low grade cruddy, and my stomach hurts. and i didn't sleep well last night. and i'm felt oogly since i ate lunch. this is getting silly.

i'm going to take a wee nap and then tackle my paper. it's actually mostly done - there's some stuff i'd like to add in, but i think i'm going to go through, clean up all the places where i put in notes to myself to add things, and see how the paper reads without that stuff. if it sounds good, great. this doesn't have to be the history of ALL dissent in the United States, after all. just enough examples to prove my thesis. and i need to put in my footnotes. (gah. footnotes). [edit: okay, now that i've gotten smart and consulted word's help, footnotes aren't that much harder to put in that paranthetical citations. when he told us to use footnotes yesterday, he also told us that a footnote could include "additional commentary that is not essential to the main body of the text." i am, for once in my life, resisting this license to ramble.)

right. but right now, nap.

edit 2: i hate conclusions. seriously. can't i just write "ok i'm done my paper now buhbye"? :)
Tags: school:homework

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