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Jeff and i have been running around saying "happy fake holiday!" to each other and giggling madly all day. i don't know... i'm all for occasions for silliness and happiness, so i don't mind holidays, but i don't need a holiday where i'm being told to buy things to tell my sweetie i love him. :)

besides, the best Valentine's present i could get - and get every day - is the fact that he's across the room from me. it's going to be a long, long time before i get complacent about that. :)

happy day, sweetie. i love you. :) i'm a lucky girl.


i'm also lucky to have as many friends as i do and folks who care about me. and i'm lucky to have the wonderful family that i do, and, much as i miss Seattle, that i'm back in North Carolina and can see that family whenever i want. and i'm lucky to have as many of my ex-SO's/ex-lovers/ex-crushes/ex-fuckbuddies (and their SOs, for that matter) in my life as i do. my life would definitely be lacking if i didn't have y'all around.

life is good. :)
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