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i used up eighteen years of bus luck today. i walked out of the library and the #4 was pulling up to carry me to downtown. i walked out of the pharmacy and to Moore Sqaure, and there was the 150, waiting to take me back to campus. i got off the 150 and the Centennial bus pulled up to carry me to the park and ride.

history was cancelled this morning. i'm starting to wonder which god i pleased and how.

i can't be too blessed, though, because i still feel kinda crappy. kinda out of it, kinda tired, and my stomach is kinda oogly, but i'm still hungry. walking to campus and going to class kicked my ass, so no gym for me today. we still need to go to the grocery store, though... if i'm going to get sick, i want to get it over with. if i'm going to get well, i want to be well. hrmph. :) < /whine >

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