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my name is Faruq al-Baz...

i'm discovering that, for some reason, Gaia Consort is perfect homework music. most of it is peppy but not too peppy, and just mellow enough. i'm going to be singing it in my sleep soon, since i've been listening to it all week. :)

i've finally arrived at a coherent thesis for my religion and politics paper. this is a relief, since it's due thursday (it was tuesday, but he had mercy on us.)

we watched the pilot for MacGuyver earlier. yay for geeks. though, i'm glad Hollywood has (mostly) gotten past the point where it has women tromping around in a science lab in open-toed high heels. sheesh.

my Islam teacher told us Thursday that he was going to give us our study guide for the mid-term and topics for our paper that day, but he decided to wait until Tuesday so that we could enjoy our weekends. this 1) makes me suspect that he's just not done with them yet and 2) makes me wish that he'd gone ahead and given them to us, since i'm mortally afeared of his midterm. a lot of the readings don't make any damned sense, and there's a lot of them. i've got 120 pages to read for tueday and another 120 for thursday, please needing to read the stuff i didn't read for this last thursday and write about it. i know it's a 400-level religion class, but his reading schedule is daft.

i should quit whining and get back to Egypt in 1942 so i can go spend some time with Jeff. it is Saturday night, after all. :)
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