joyce (joyce) wrote,

i'm glad i finished my Islam homework over the weekend. the sociology project of doom (part one) is done, and i even got to spend a little time with Jeff. i made it halfway through typing up vocabularly for the sociology test on thursday. i've been very remiss in sociology, and haven't been reading as much as i should have. since there's no telling what he's going to put on the test, i'm typing up all the vocabularly from the book, his notes, and the labs, and hoping for the best. the only good thing about this is if i completely flub the test, i can take the final and sub out the grade. the bad thing about that is, the final is cumulative. the good thing is, a lot of this is common sense (for example, evaluative social research is about what you would think it would be - it evaluates social programs.)

the other good thing about today is, i got my stats test, and got a 96. it'd have been a 100 if i hadn't subbed in two numbers into the (correct) formula backwards. whoops. :) she made it too easy - apparently something like 28 people got 100s. we told her she could keep things that way... :)

i'm going to go fall over.
Tags: school:grades, school:homework

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