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this morning was homework (go fig) and a quick game of Settlers before heading out to my parents' house. we'd been crossing wires with Hope about a visit for awhile, and finally decided to take the mountain to Mohammed. once there, we played more Settlers and some Scrabble and messed with Jeff's RC car and soaked up some sunshine and ate munchy food, and in general had a very nice afternoon. we headed home early so i could get to bed at a decent hour and do more homework (go fig). i have, however, finally managed to find four articles dealing with my dependent variable for my project due Tuesday, so i'm feeling a hell of a lot better. (never mind that two of the articles analyze the same data set i'm dealing with. there's not a whole hell of a lot i can do about that.)

Jeff has been remarkably patient with the fact that my homework has eaten up quite a bit of this week and is making me more than a little crazy. have i mentioned lately how much i love him? well, i do.

oh, and i got to do laundry while at my parents', since i kept not getting around to it, and the underwear situation was becoming dire. clean laundry = happiness. :)
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