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yesterday was classes, including our presentation in soc300, which went well. i'm not too worried - i heard him telling the other group that they mostly got 29s and 30s (out of 30) and we weren't any worse than they were. after class, i went and sat and chattered with Tonya for awhile at Cup O Joe (mmm, holy brown cow) and then she dropped me off at home. there was Settlers and Star Trek and some minor studying for my stats test.

you know you've been watching too much West Wing when you dream about it. :)

stats test was this morning. it was easy. :) the teacher said she thought she might have made it too easy when people got up after ten minutes. of course, having said it was easy, i'm going to be paranoid that i missed a page or something until i get it back.

i'm tired - i did a lot of tossing and turning last night. i'm glad i have one class between here and my weekend. of course, soc300 is going to be eating my brain between now and next thursday (project due tuesday, test thursday) but it's still weekend. :)
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    it's way the hell to early to have to be awake, let alone functional. though i'd better get used to it, i have 800am classes next semester. i keep…

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    dude. i got an A+ in history. :) none of the rest of the grades are posted yet. still. woot! :)

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    i got back my last stats test today. because of the magic of extra credit, i need a 61 on my final to get an A and an 86 to get an A+. i'm amused. :)

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