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so, 28 doesn't feel much different than 27. ;) thanks for the birthday wishes, y'all. :) and happy birthday to flummox! :)

we're not really doing anything... i haven't had the mental umpth lately to plan anything, and haven't been feeling all that festive, lately, really. this will get better. :) Mother Nature gifted me with a sunny and reasonably warm day today, which was just wonderful. i even got to eat my lunch outside.

i woke up this morning from a nasty nightmare about getting on the wrong bus, ending up where i wasn't supposed to be, and missing Jeff. i moved on to a run in with my stats teacher over the fact that our TA can't grade for shit. stellar morning, eh? :) i bought myself lunch at Lil Dinos, since I was having the oddest craving, and got some homework done, and went to lab, which didn't completely suck for once, and came home, and got the rest of my homework done for tomorrow. :) so the evening is free to spend with Jeff, which these days is just bliss.
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